Oriens Tarot Cloth

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Get yourself an Oriens Tarot Cloth to add to your spiritual tools and enhance your sacred space. You can utilise it for your card spreads or use it as a wrap to protect your decks.

The Oriens tarot cloth is made from BCI Organic cotton at the dimensions of 55 x 55 cm.

The Better Cotton Principles and Criteria lay out the global definition of Better Cotton, by upholding the following seven principles:

  • BCI Farmers minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices
  • BCI Farmers promote water stewardship
  • BCI Farmers care for the health of the soil
  • BCI Farmers enhance biodiversity and use land responsibly
  • BCI Farmers care for and preserve fibre quality
  • BCI Farmers promote decent work
  • BCI Farmers operate an effective management system
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