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The Star, Sun and Moon tarot featured in the Oriens Tarot now comes in an A5 size giclée print on fully archival museum grade paper. Fine art printing is also known as archival pigment printing (and less and less commonly as ‘giclée’). It’s the process of inkjet printing on fine art papers to produce archival, museum-grade prints. For colour accuracy, fine art printing is where it’s at. As an 11-colour process, it leaves CMYK with its four colours in the dust. The print has also been stamped and signed for authenticity.

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The Moon Rabbit - The rabbit dances through the night sky under the moon’s watchful eye atop a crescent sprig of belladonna. The belladonna, a pleasant-looking plant once used as a beauty product, harbours a dark secret, though a rabbit might be able to stomach the plant’s berries, humans will easily succumb to their poison. The moon reminds us to prepare for danger or for unpleasant situations ahead.

The Sun Capybara - The sun basks the capybara in a warm glow as it nestles into a bed of sunflowers. The sunflower overflows with positive symbolism, such as loyalty, lasting happiness, and good fortune to name a few. the sun reminds us to indulge in happiness. if something brings joy, we are meant to cherish it. the situation may not last, but the memories and impact will carry on within us forever.

The Star Galaxy Jellyfish A5 Print - A jellyfish hovers with a compass rose, floating through the sky and guiding its followers into the future. The star reminds us to maintain hope for the future. we must continue to be as free and flowing as a jellyfish is free and adapts to our surroundings in a stellar fashion.

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