May the stars guide you…

Six of Cups


When reversed, the Six of Cups is telling the user to step away from the past. Reflecting on fond memories from days gone by can be nice, but be sure that you don’t stay fixed on that point in your life. Getting swept up by  waves of nostalgia is keeping you from moving forward. Hard as it may be, you’ll have to focus on the here and now and prepare yourself for the future ahead. Maybe you just feel disconnected from your childhood dreams, and the life you lead now may not be the one you envisioned when you were younger. Growing up is never an easy thing to do, but how we deal with it on a daily basis can help smooth that path. Our inner child is never too far away, and a healthy dose of silly, childish whimsy can help us reconnect and lessen some of the stress we face as we move forward to time’s unwavering rhythm.