May the stars guide you…

Queen of Cups


When reversed, the Queen of Cups suggests that you need to draw your attention inside yourself to focus on your emotional well-being. Perhaps you’ve spent considerable time these days working to help others with their problems or insecurities. Now’s the time to focus on yourself. Break away from unhealthy or codependent relationships that may be drawing too much on your emotional balance to stay afloat. Seek out space to replenish your reserves, and if you’ve been relying too much on your heart to guide you, take efforts to think through things logically before going forward. This position also cautions being aware of hostile feelings of jealousy, bitterness, or clinginess coming from you or those close to you. If you’re the source, explore your inner feelings and work to reset things to a healthy balance. If it’s from others, take a temporary time out to allow yourself a moment to breathe before tackling this emotional hardship. It’s time to worry about yourself and let everyone else work through their own problems.