May the stars guide you…

The Tower


When reversed, the Tower is warning the user that an unexpected change will come from within. A personal transformation is nigh, and to reach it, you may have to undergo a drastic shift of faith and perception. This may manifest in a crisis of confidence, a complete questioning of the truths you once held in high esteem. For some, this can become a full on existential crisis, but at the end of the tunnel lies a newly enlightened you. Though this realization can be unpleasant, take comfort in knowing that you’ve avoided (or narrowly avoided) a disaster coming your way. Take this silver lining and your new enlightenment and carefully build your future. This position can also imply that the user is delaying a necessary change, rejected it out of fear or concern when it would be better to let the chaos come. It can be scary to surrender to something so absolute. Just try to remember there is purpose in the pain.