May the stars guide you…

Eight of Pentacles


When reversed, the Eight of Pentacles can suggest that the user is focusing inward for personal development as opposed to the development of an external skill. You may be taking steps to change your perspective or state of mind. Pursuing spiritual betterment can be difficult, but you are determined and success is in the cards. Conversely, this position may suggest that you have become fixated on the idea of achieving perfection, and in this pursuit, you have lost sight of why you have taken steps to better yourself to begin with. Changing yourself for the better is an admirable goal, but becoming obsessed and rigid in your efforts will only cause future problems. Reassess why you are making these efforts. Try to focus on the right things and keep your goals realistic. Perfection is impossible. You are learning — be ready to commit to things in the long-term to see the success you’re aiming for.