May the stars guide you…

The Devil - Tarot


When upright, the Devil implies that the user is shrouded in a negative energy that threatens to undermine them in every way. There is a demon on your shoulder whispering in your ear, and it’s hellbent on getting you to succumb to every bad impulse that crosses your mind. Not only are these impulses dangerous, they’re also holding you back from becoming a better version of yourself. You’ve been locked in place, and it may be hard to find your way out. Do not fall victim to the evils of instant gratification as they will absolutely lead to long-term negative consequences. Take care to harbor healthy amounts of attachment towards friends, family, and new relationship partners. If you are experimenting in new fields or with new experiences, be careful that you do it only with those you trust. The devil in your ear wants you to lead you astray—don’t make it easier by giving in to what you know is wrong.