The Major Arcana is the representation of a life’s journey towards enlightenment. It tells a story of ups and downs, of trials and exultations and lessons learned both painfully and gratefully.

Upright: Freedom, Spontaneity, Idealism
Reversed: Recklessness, Irrationality, Hopelessness

Upright: Resourcefulness, Logic. Influence
Reversed: Greed, Conniving, Trickery

Upright: Mystery, Unattainability, Spirituality
Reversed: Duplicity, Repression, Isolation

Upright: Beauty, Sensuality, Maternity
Reversed: Dependence, Suppression, Overbearance

Upright: Practicality, Authority, Paternity
Reversed: Inflexibility, Tyranny, Stubborness

Upright: Tradition, Conformity, Institutional
Reversed: Rebellion, Reversal, Unconventional

Upright: Unity, Relationships, Duality
Reversed: Conflict, Interference, Misinterpretation

Upright: Victory, Self-Confidence, Progress
Reversed: Powerlessness, Aggression, Moderation

Upright: Bravery, Compassion, Control
Reversed: Self-Doubt, Weakness, Reactionary

Upright: Solitude, Self-Reflection, Contemplation
Reversed: Loneliness, Anti-Social, Phobias

Upright: Cycles, Destiny, Serenpidity
Reversed: Upheaval, Misfortune, Setbacks

Upright: Equity, Fairess, Balance
Reversed: Injustice, Unaccountability, Dishonesty

Upright: Confinement, Perspective, Sacrifice
Reversed: Discontentment, Disinterest, Empty-handed

Upright: Endings, Change, Transition
Reversed: Resistance, Limitation, Dependency

Upright: Tranquility, Balance, Self-control
Reversed: Imbalance, Excess, Overflow

Upright: Temptation, Vices, Self-destruction
Reversed: Freedom, Detachment, Reclamation

Upright: Ego, Catastrophe, Revelations
Reversed: Survival, Rebuilding, Intact

Upright: Hope, Rejuvenation, Positivity
Reversed: Pessimism, Despair, Discouragement

Upright: Obfuscation, Anxiety, Ignorance
Reversed: Reveal, Turnaround, Disillusion

Upright: Positivity, Prosperity, Joy
Reversed: Pessimism, Unrealistic, Exasperation

Upright: Rebirth, Awakening, Composure
Reversed: Accusations, Self-loathing, Criticism

Upright: Fulfilment, Completion, Masterpiece
Reversed: Incompletion, Stagnation, Displeasure